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Welcome to Student Motorsport and thank you for choosing to visit our new and developing site and community.  We're excited at the opportunities we are bringing to students and are dedicated to supporting people interested in a career in the motorsport industry.  Our site, community, resources and collaborative projects are designed to help people take the right path to success and help them stay focused on their motorsport aims and future career.  Our student membership opens up many exciting new opportunities such as industry and peer networking, new avenues, experience opportunities and many more shown on our key aims and student benefits pages of our site.

The team at Student Motorsport have experience in differing areas of motorsport education and the industry, this experience led to the development of our site and community which we hope will support visitors and our members.  We aim to illustrate that there are a wide variety of ways to become involved within this exciting industry, and opportunities to work in a vast variety of fields that may not seem apparent on the surface.  That said there are many important sectors and roles that make up the motorsport industry, some of which we believe we can help people better understand, experience and can excel in through Student Motorsport.


Experience Counts

Don‘t worry if you have little or no motorsport experience to date, it’s never too late to start building what we call a 'portfolio of  experience' to support your CV and go towards to getting the job you want.  Through our site you can develop yourself and prepare to succeed in your future career in motorsport by showing the wider motorsport industry what you are doing.

It's important to remember that you have chosen to invest time, effort and money whilst studying on your motorsport or engineering related programme, and it's normal to worry about questions such as ‘how am I going to secure a job when I graduate?' and 'am I what race teams and the industry are looking for?’  This is why we are working hard to ensure you are able to build a portfolio of motorsport experience by taking part in activities that together complement your education and future career?

We urge you to take advantage of our resources in our motorsport community and network with the right kind of people who can help you to develop your profile of experience.  It is important to remember that you and your fellow counterparts are the future of the motorsport industry, it needs young vibrant people like you to continue driving what is an amazing industry forward.

Recognising your needs as a motorsport, automotive or engineering student

Student Motorsport understands what you need to do to ensure you have a better chance of securing employment in the motorsport, automotive and engineering industries when you graduate from your studies...we have been in your position.  We welcome students to take part in our growing community that will help to provide you with an excellent start to your motorsport career and employment success in the future.  We recognise how important it is to get the right combination of education, experience and networking opportunities so that you are able to develop yourself into something what the motorsport industry and its respective employers are looking for.

We urge you to take advantage of and use our site and motorsport community to gain exposure to the right kind of people, advice and resources that can help you to develop your knowledge, understanding and a portfolio of experience before and after you graduate.  You are the future of the motorsport industry and it needs young people like yourself to keep driving this amazing industry forward.


Industry Connections

We're actively pursuing and developing an already exciting catalogue of contacts within the motorsport industry such as educational bodies, businesses, motorsport professionals and industry specialists, these can provide you with opportunities to gain experience in a vast range of motorsport and engineering related areas whilst you study.  We aim to share and develop information and resources that will help you to gain a better understanding of what the motorsport industry and its respective professionals expect when students are looking to acquire experience or work.  We are dedicated to helping these people get the exposure to vital education, experience and networking opportunities whilst studying so that they have relevant 'real life' motorsport experience.

We are proud to have placed students in our successful and carefully structured experience programmes and we're focused on continual development of this important area of our site.  You can see some of the experience programmes and student success that we are proud of on our projects page.  We're continually looking to place students in experience programmes in positions such as Race Car Mechanic, Data Engineer, Race Car Engineer, Driver Coach, Team Operations & Logistics, Sponsorship, Hospitality, Media Relations, Driver & Lifestyle Coach and so on.

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